Permit issued to flea market

Permit issued to flea market


Expect to see an increase in bylaw enforcement on the corner of Station Street and Coop Avenue during the weekends this summer.

This increase is expected to combat what council is calling “a lack of respect” for the no parking signage posted in that area during the operating hours of the flea market. The increase was requested by Council in response to the issue of a temporary use permit that will grant the flea market’s operator Nick Poznikoff of Desert Valley Properties Ltd. permission to expand his market on the east side of the building.

Poznikoff requested the permit for two years. Councillor Dave Mattes suggested council approve the request with a “friendly” amendment to 15 months. This will allow Poznikoff to operate the market until September 30, 2014.

Mattes said his main concern was that there be adequate and accessible parking around the market. He noted that customers don’t typically make use of the parking lot associated with the market.

Councillor Jack Bennest echoed Mattes’ concerns, adding that he felt the parking area was not well prepared.

“It’s not as much a parking lot as field for people to park in,” he remarked.

Bennest suggested council deny Poznikoff’s request in order to come up with a permanent solution to the traffic congestion in that area. Mattes asked if it was possible to request that Poznikoff ensure the area be “properly gravelled and graded.”

According to Municipal Manager Tom Szalay, council cannot enforce that in this situation, but they could increase bylaw enforcement to ensure that visitors use the proper parking area so the street can remain clear.