Perehudoff no longer involved at Oliver Landing

Perehudoff no longer involved at Oliver Landing

Thomas Beyer (left), Leahann Nordin and David Perehudoff are seen here promoting Oliver Heights, the new housing development on Princess Place. (File photo)

By Lyonel Doherty

Oliver Chronicle

Oliver Landing has a new general contractor after land developer David Perehudoff decided to focus solely on the new Oliver Heights housing project.

Thomas Beyer from Prestigious Properties Group confirmed this on Monday when he said Perehudoff is no longer involved in Oliver Landing.

Beyer is investor, co-founder and managing partner of Oliver Landing on Sawmill Road and Oliver Heights, the new affordable housing development on Princess Place west of town.

Beyer said that broken promises (on their part), delays and inexperience has plagued Oliver Landing, but he’s confident that the new contractor (Spur Construction) will move the project forward.

Chad Willox from Spur Construction was hired to take over Oliver Landing in June. That was after the project was delayed due to a couple of stop-work orders issued by building inspector Wayde Bliss. Beyer characterized these delays as a “clash of two egos” between Perehudoff and Bliss.

However, Beyer praised Perehudoff’s work.

“David is a man of great passion and vision. Without him, we would not have the attractive townhouse project in Oliver Landing and the affordable housing or potentially micro-homes coming soon at Oliver Heights. He cares deeply for people in less than ideal life circumstances.”

Though a visionary, Perehudoff is not the person for day-to-day operations at Oliver Landing, Beyer said, noting the size of Oliver Heights needs Perehudoff’s full attention.

“In Oliver Landing we set out in spring 2017 on an initial budget that was in hindsight far too skinny, and with a timeline that was perhaps also far too aggressive given the labour constraints in a hot South Okanagan construction market.”

As a result, they made promises to the market that were not met, Beyer said.

“These broken promises are not attributable to David but to the much-delayed project as a whole.”

Beyer noted that a significant number of innovative building components introduced by Perehudoff cost more to implement and were far tougher to inspect.

Beyer said with a new, experienced onsite manager and a new general contractor combining more than five decades of building experience, Oliver Landing’s progress is now much smoother and many inspections have been passed .

“Kitchens are going in this week in building one and then all the interior finishings over the next few weeks with a target delivery date of September.”

Beyer pointed out that phase one (12 units) is forging ahead as the homes continue to be sold, with three already occupied.

“We’ll start working on phase two later in the fall,” he pointed out.

Beyer stated they are awaiting subdivision approval for Oliver Heights and are getting ready to service and sell the lots.

When contacted on Monday, Perehudoff told the Chronicle that he is no longer involved in Oliver Landing because his passion is affordable housing.

“Oliver Landing, due to market conditions, is not an affordable housing project. My goal when I came to this valley is to assist median-income families with housing.”

The developer said he is now focusing on Oliver Heights where they are strictly selling lots and that’s it.

Perehudoff explained the zoning at Oliver Heights allows them to build small footprint homes that are a minimum of 45 square metres. He noted that one company is offering a 1100-plus square foot home with a full, unfinished walk-out basement on a lot with a yard for less than $375,000.

“We hope to announce another company’s small footprint home with outdoor living space in the near future for under $300,000.” He said nearly all of the lots have great views.


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