Only the good news about COVID-19

Only the good news about COVID-19


By Lyonel Doherty

Believe it or not, there’s a lot of good news surrounding the coronavirus. 

Not many media outlets are reporting anything positive, but the fact is thousands of people have recovered from COVID-19. 

And many of the symptoms (in 80 per cent of the cases) are mild. 

Tom Hanks and his wife have the virus in Australia and are reportedly doing okay, taking it one day at a time. 

The coronavirus appears to be shying away from infecting children because only a small percentage of youth have the illness. 

Furthermore, a group of Canadian scientists claim they have isolated the virus to better research and fight it. 

And many biotech companies are racing to produce a vaccine; one firm in Canada hopes to start testing its potential vaccine on humans this summer. 

Meanwhile, most people with the virus are isolating themselves to prevent the spread. And countless major public events in North America have been cancelled out of an abundance of caution. 

Millions of people have no choice but to curtail their travel plans abroad, and there are strict measures at border crossings to protect our health and well-being. 

The coronavirus may very well boost regional tourism as residents choose local “staycations.” 

Another good thing about the virus is that it’s not invincible; it can be inactivated with proper cleaning and hygiene. 

Canada is spending $82 billion to combat the spread, and there are reportedly fewer new cases in China. 

The fact is COVID-19 is bringing families closer together during this time of crisis, refusing to suffer from a pandemic of fear. 

One could argue that our lives are slowing down because of the virus, allowing us to take stock of what is really important. We don’t have to buy tickets to that major event and fight traffic to get there. Just chill out at home with zero stress over parking. 

Spring break is here. The flowers will soon be blooming and the birds are chirping. And summer will come rushing around the corner like an excited child with a new toy. 

Like other pandemics, this virus will come and go. We will beat it like we did the others and come out stronger at the end of the bell. 

Have faith.


  1. With so much doom and gloom lately it is great to read some positive outlooks on the covid-19 pandemic. I get it, it’s new, never have we been in this situation but let’s also look at the good that will come out of this. Not to long ago, those in power talked about cuts, first category healthcare and second category education, maybe now those beings in power will realize that more money must be given to research, health and education. There could be an eight year older in some classroom that one day may find a cure to cancer. Also, hopefully this will bring world leaders together to fight for the greater good himanity

  2. Regional tourism? No thanks. Those in hot zones especially can stay away. The campgrounds are supposed to be closed. Someone tell Gallagher Lake campground (ParkBridge Company) to close their campground! We dont need campers and their kids bringing the virus from Vancouver or Victoria into our grocery stores etc.

    • I think you missed the point of this being a positive article.

      1. Forced to slow down
      2. More time with my kids
      3. No commute
      4. Everything thinks about the true value of life
      5. Gardening
      6. My daughter is baking more
      7. Good time to catch up on movies
      8. I like that my neighbors bang pots together