Oliver grads get inspiration from celebrities

Oliver grads get inspiration from celebrities

Grads Andrew deVos, Chyna Lee, Nataliya Morezewich and Sydney Meyer jump for joy that high school is finally done. Now, the real adventure awaits. (Photo by Dy DeVos)

Oliver graduates received some encouraging words from a couple of celebrities on June 24.

Former graduate (2009) Cody Kearsley, Riverdale actor, gave his best wishes virtually, as did Vancouver Canucks head coach Travis Green.

Best wishes were also received by Oliver Mayor Martin Johansen, OIB chief Clarence Louie, school trustee Rachel Allenbrand, Superintendent Bev Young, MLA Linda Larson and SOSS Enrichment Fund Society chair Wendy Arnett.

This year’s valedictory speech was given by Sydney Meyer.