Oliver girl thrilled with drive-by birthday party

Oliver girl thrilled with drive-by birthday party

Jayden Hargrave and her father Darryl greet people during her drive-by birthday party in Oliver on Tuesday. Here, Gail Barriskill hands out balloons and a huge birthday card to Jayden. (Photo by Lyonel Doherty)

By Lyonel Doherty

Eight-year-old Jayden Hargrave had her first drive-by birthday party on Tuesday, thanks to the pandemic. Standing with her is dad Darryl Hargrave. (Photo by Lyonel Doherty)

An eight-year-old Oliver girl was all smiles Tuesday as several friends drove by her house to wish her a happy birthday.

Jayden Hargrave was taken by surprise as cars and trucks creeped along her street, with the occupants handing out balloons and poster-sized cards.

“I told her it was the Chinese delivery guy coming,” chuckled her father, Darryl Hargrave.

And yes, they really did have Chinese food.

It was Grandma Bliss who arranged the party.

Darryl said he told everyone not to bring any gifts until Jayden has a traditional party after the pandemic is over.

“When this is all done, we’ll have presents.”

In the meantime, they set up a virtual cake celebration.

One of the gifts she received at home was a Lego set.

When asked if she felt older, Jayden said “a little.”

Darryl said the drive-by event was unique, noting that Jayden probably won’t get one like that again.