Old RV park gets TLC

Old RV park gets TLC

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Enquiring minds want to know what’s happening to the remainder of Centennial RV Park downtown.

The Chronicle asked Cathy Cowan, chief administrative officer for the Town, to shed some light on the question.

She said once all the work on Oliver Coast Hotel has been completed, the remaining property will be subject to council’s Strategic Plan.

Cowan said minor improvements to the lot at 6359 Station Street will involve removing the fencing, installing irrigation and placing picnic tables on the site. In addition, council plans to install “potential future development” signage on the property prior to the end of August.

“Yes, we would be open to development offers on this site and as it is zoned Town Centre, the types of developments would include anything that is allowed in that zone.”

Under the new zoning bylaw, permitted uses include cannabis dispensary, apartment building, art gallery, child care centre, convenience store, eating/drinking establishment, educational services, indoor recreation, retail space or office.

Director of Operations Shawn Goodsell said they are going to start adding irrigation to keep the existing grass and trees alive. Goodsell said the plan is to at least have the property usable for the public with picnic tables until something else is done with it.

“We are currently contacting the construction company (for the hotel) to make sure everything is off (the site) and we can proceed,” he noted.

Goodsell said the Town is forging ahead with a public park for lot 1 on the south side of the hotel, but this plan won’t commence until next year.

“We are hoping we can have an open house and get some more feedback for this park plan when things have slowed down a bit on our end.”

The entire property used to be a municipal campsite until the Town rezoned a portion of it to allow the new hotel development.


  1. To All:
    I just don’t see any problem, if the size of the lot permits, with rebuilding a smaller RV Park. I have yet to speak to anyone in the general population that believes removing Centennial Park was a good idea.
    Michael Guthrie

  2. We went past there tonight and it appears that all the service lines for the RV park are being removed. I too feel that what is left of the RV park should have continued on as one. Staying in that RV park six years ago led to us purchasing a house in Oliver. Would hate to see all those large trees be ripped out. They are a nice counter balance to the concrete monolith to the south.

  3. Mark Twain said, “Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.” This couldn’t be truer when referring to a downtown shady green space next to a river. Many people were not happy with the decision to replace the municipal campground with a hotel. Maintaining the existing green space would provide a more relaxing area than another building. One thing Oliver doesn’t lack is undeveloped and underdeveloped land. Any of the businesses or services listed except indoor recreation can find plenty of empty retail space along Main Street. Oliver Community Centre is a short walk from the new hotel and existing green space for those seeking indoor and outdoor recreation.


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