Okanagan Correctional Centre no fan of drones

Okanagan Correctional Centre no fan of drones

(File photo)

If you have a drone, better not fly it over the Okanagan Correctional Centre near Oliver.

BC Corrections is in the process of requesting that air space above provincial correctional centres be designated as restricted.

While this takes place, it is installing signs on the perimeters of all 10 of its correctional centres to alert the public that drones are not permitted around these facilities.

“BC Corrections takes the security of its centres very seriously,” said a spokesperson from the Ministry of Justice. “Rigorous threat and risk assessments are conducted to identify and mitigate potential security risks for each centre. In addition, we continually review both internal and perimeter security systems to address any new, potential threats that we’ve identified.” 

Concern about drones was sparked earlier this year when staff at the Matsqui prison in Abbotsford intercepted a package (dropped by a drone) consisting of contraband including tobacco.

“BC Corrections has contingencies in place to address any sightings of drones,” the spokesman said, noting these procedures are considered highly confidential and are not disclosed to the public for the safety of staff and inmates.