OES to get reclaimed water

OES to get reclaimed water

Town of Oliver

Town council has authorized the use of reclaimed wastewater to irrigate the grounds of Oliver Elementary School.

The irrigation modification agreement is with School District 53, in which wastewater is recycled to help school lawns grow.

Shawn Goodsell, the Town’s director of operations, said the school district has been sent the parameters regarding the level of treatment done to the reclaimed water that is used in some local parks.

“The Town tests and monitors the water throughout the season and we are monitored through the Ministry of Environment,” he pointed out.

Zoning amendment bylaws move forward

In other news, the Town recently gave third reading to two zoning amendment bylaws.

The first is to replace the Service Commercial One (CS1) Zone that applies to the property at 5851 Main Street with a Highway Commercial Site Specific (C2s) Zone.

The site-specific regulation would allow for the continuation of “service industry establishment, minor” uses at the property.

The applicant is seeking a wider range of commercial uses than what is allowed under the current zoning.

The second amendment at 6380 Main Street is to replace the Residential Medium Density Two (RM2) Zone with Residential Low Density (RD1) Zone, which allows for “single detached dwelling” and “duplex” as permitted uses. The applicant proposes to build a duplex on this site.