New recruits a little young for fire department

New recruits a little young for fire department

Steven Hernandez from Sun Fun pretends to drive one of the fire trucks during a tour of the Oliver Fire Department. (Photo by Lyonel Doherty)
Oliver Fire Chief Bob Graham talks to Sun Fun kids during a tour of the fire hall this week. (Photos by Lyonel Doherty)

Several Sun Fun kids would love to join the Oliver Fire Department, but they’ll have to wait a few years before they can fit into those size 12 boots.

That was evident this week when the group took a tour of the fire hall courtesy of Chief Bob Graham.

The chief started out with a fire safety lecture that the kids actually enjoyed. He strongly urged the boys and girls to never go back inside a burning building, even if their pet is missing. Then he assured them that firefighters would look for their cat or dog.

“What was the biggest fire you ever went to?” one boy asked Graham, who replied that it was the blaze that destroyed the old Venables theatre and the new high school.

A tour of the hall included climbing through the trucks and getting dressed in fire-resistant “turnout” gear, which costs $1,500 a set.

“Firefighter Bob” shows the kids the Jaws of Life used to extricate people trapped in their vehicles.







Behind the wheel are Parker Zeeman, Tanner Zeeman, Noah Guenther and Isaac Zeeman.







Cienna Fossett and Sasha Zeeman ham it up for the camera.







Nathael Collerette-Reza tries on the chief’s turnount gear while Sydney Young looks on.









The chief receives a thank-you card.