New park contract to be awarded

New park contract to be awarded

Town council has approved fee increases in the water and sewer budgets. (File photo)

The Town of Oliver plans to pay $123,000 for the new park on Fairview Road, incorporating a $10,000 water fill station/fountain feature.

At tonight’s council meeting, the Town is expecting to award the tender to Pac West Contracting.

The original budget for the new park was $250,000, which is covered 100 per cent by the Town’s development cost charges fund.

Lighting will also be installed for the park.

The vandal-resistant water fill station will have a drinking fountain and allow the public to fill their water bottles.


  1. I must have missed this before because I have no idea where on Fairview Rd they are talking about. Also the water fill station, is it for bottle water or jugs or both ?

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