New affordable housing plan proposed for Oliver

New affordable housing plan proposed for Oliver

A developer is proposing to establish an affordable housing complex on the corner of Main Street and Fairview Road, and is looking for a letter of support from Town council. (Lyonel Doherty photo)

A big name developer is proposing to build an affordable housing project on the corner of Main Street and Fairview Road in Oliver.

Ellis Don Corporation is seeking a letter of support from Town council to build a four-level complex featuring nearly 50 affordable housing units on a vacant lot at 6089 Main Street.

The preliminary plan shows a mixture of one and two-bedroom units. Commercial space is also included in the plan, along with 74 parking stalls.

Council will discuss the proposal on Monday.


  1. The only things i would worry about are … 1. Four stories on that corner could be very dominating over the area as nothing else is higher than two stories, and … 2. Low income, “affordable” housing can become quite unattractive if not meticulously maintained. I think the idea of more affordable housing is an important issue, but is that what we want visitors to see when they stop at the traffic light?

  2. What I worry about to a degree is more commercial space? We cant even fill the spaces we have right now. Also affordable social housing? or affordable general public housing. There is a rather large space in between those. BC housing also has some very strict guidelines as to who they will rent to. Also we have working people who need affordable housing and BC Housing just is not in line with that, their focus is social housing. It will come down to right idea, but the wrong place.

    This is their eligibility criteria:

    Family – Defined as a minimum of two people, including one dependent child. Who is considered a dependent child? An unmarried child, stepchild, adopted child or legal ward, mainly supported by the applicant, who is: ·
    -Under 19 years of age; or ·
    -Under 25 years of age and registered in full-time school, university or vocational institute which provides a recognized diploma, certificate, or degree; or
    -Of any age who, because of mental or physical infirmity, is accepted as a dependent for income tax purposes.
    -Please note: In The Housing Registry, some providers may have different criteria about what constitutes a dependent child.
    -Senior – Defined as a single person age 55 and older, or a couple where at least one person is age 55 or older*
    -People with disabilities – Those who can live independently and are in receipt of a recognized disability pension or are considered disabled for income tax purposes.
    -Single people and couples – You are a single person, or a couple, with a low income and homeless, or at risk of homelessness. In addition, you do not meet the definitions of seniors or people with disabilities.

  3. I’m so excited that something like this is finally being proposed! However… there are far better places for it to be built, why not the empty lot just north of Best of India? It’s been vacant for years and is in a much less busy part of main street.
    I cringe thinking of the congestion that will come to that intersection if it’s built across from 7-11…

  4. Well,visitors see very badly kept up properties anyway .The city may want to start regulations on those homeowners .I walk around and it is very disturbing to see,trash,cloths hanging out front ,unkept lawns ,ext ext .I think that a housing project is needed and “ yes” a strict rule to maintain it .

  5. Finally, a hint there may be something on the housing horizon for Oliver! Personally, I feel unaffected by the housing shortage, but a majority will be looking forward to the opportunity. We have families living in motels and in orchard single-wides due to the lack of affordable housing. Have a look at all the semi-permanent housing that takes place in 5th wheel trailers from Gallagher Lake to Osoyoos. Very likely there will contesting opinions. These will generally come from folks, like myself, who aren’t in any way desperate for suitable housing, and really have no vested interest in seeing affordable housing come to town. All the usual reasons will surface: aesthetics, crime rate increase, parking shortages, I’m sure others will add to this list. It’s about time someone took note of our situation and decided that this might be a welcome addition to our town. And it will be if it proceeds. The town will profit, Ellis Don will profit, but mostly the people without secure housing will profit. Let’s hope town council sees this in the same way.

  6. Can’t you get it off the highway and the main street if it’s affordable housing in there’s children around isn’t close to the highway in downtown a little bit dangerous ?