Musings in the Town of Oliver

Musings in the Town of Oliver


The Town of Oliver won’t be the same when Tom Szalay leaves his position as municipal manager this summer.

But it looks like council chose a good candidate (Heidi Frank) to replace him. It will be nice to have a female perspective to guide the Town in the future. She will definitely have big shoes to fill. Perhaps she can give some thought on how to make bylaw enforcement fair to everyone, instead of penalizing a chosen few.

Tuc-el-Nuit is going to miss principal David Foster when he leaves for Osoyoos Elementary School in August. He’s done a great job for the kids and the community. Let’s hope . . . let us pray that the teachers’ strike is over by the time school starts up in September.

Minister of Education Peter Fassbender has said he won’t legislate teachers back to work like last time. But if both sides continue their stubbornness without more compromise, our children will suffer.

The squeaky wheel does get the grease as proven last week at Town hall, where a $3 million highway upgrade was announced.

It appears that attending these Union of BC Municipalities conventions pays off. But Main Street businesses will have to brace themselves for some disruption when repaving rolls through town.

Kudos to Eric Hodge for proving that people can make a positive change in their lives if they have the will to change. He was tired of driving over the same rut in the road, so he made a conscious effort to pursue his passion, which is making a big difference.

What has happened at Loose Bay in a short period of time is impressive. A few weeks ago they were scrambling for water, but now the taps are running again, thanks to a real team effort by local businesses, with the leadership of Greg Norton and Area C director Allan Patton.

Major construction will begin soon on the Okanagan Correctional Centre, which should see some local contractors cashing in, with spin-off effects to follow.

What we find quite unique is the proposal to utilize horses at the facility as part of the rehabilitation process for inmates. This is a great idea that we hope will flourish.

Uncork the Sun should be a fantastic event Thursday night, with the head-to-head chef challenge and the music of Brickhouse.

But the fun doesn’t end there. The next day is the start of the Oliver Sunshine Festival, which features an excellent lineup of entertainment this year. We tip our hats to Carol Sheridan and her staff at Parks and Recreation for all of the insane work they’re doing to pull this off.