Low-income kids get free hair cuts

Low-income kids get free hair cuts

Divine Ink Esthetics & Barbering is giving free haircuts to kids in low-income families on the last Wednesday of every month. Pictured are shop manager and barber Jenny Scott (left) and owner Brenda-Lee Walker. (Vanessa Broadbent)

By Vanessa Broadbent

Oliver Chronicle

Spending $15 on a haircut may not seem like a lot to most, but for a single mom with several children, it can be a burden.

That’s why Divine Ink Esthetics & Barbering is providing free haircuts for children of low-income families.

The shop only opened six weeks ago on Main Street in Oliver and now they’re dedicating the last Wednesday of every month to giving back to their community.

The first session took place this Wednesday and the studio gave a total of seven complimentary haircuts throughout the day.

As single mothers, Brenda-Lee Walker, shop owner, and manager and barber Jenny Scott, both have first-hand experience trying to make ends meet on a single income.

“I really struggled financially as a single mother and something like this would have been awesome,” Walker said.

“We got together and talked about it and it would have been the most amazing thing for either of us,” Scott added.

Scott specializes in children’s cuts so seven in one day was a breeze for her. An added bonus was giving the kids, including two-year-old Ben, a confidence boost with their new style.

“Kids cuts are difficult, especially when they’re two because they don’t want to sit still,” Scott said. “He was so unbelievably happy and his mom was ecstatic too because she hasn’t been able to cut his hair. That made me feel good.”

Divine Ink Esthetics & Barbering will once again be offering free haircuts on August 29 and Walker and Scott hope to see even more mothers bring their children in.

“To us, $10 or $15 isn’t very much for a haircut, but for them it’s a great deal of milk,” Walker said. “Our women and mothers are really struggling in our own city.”