Lock your vehicles, Oliver!

Lock your vehicles, Oliver!

Oliver RCMP are on a roll apprehending and arresting sticky-fingered criminals.


The Oliver RCMP can’t help but sound like a broken record when they continue to remind people to lock their vehicles.

Since April 7, members have investigated 10 theft from vehicles due to doors being unlocked.

Investigations of note:

April 7 – two theft from vehicles (both vehicles were left unlocked)

April 9 – Theft from unlocked vehicle. Break and enter to shed, tools stolen

April 10 – Theft from unlocked camper trailer

April 11 – Theft of adult tricycle and theft from unlocked vehicle

April 13 – Five reports of theft from vehicles; all vehicles were left unlocked

The RCMP would like to take this opportunity to remind the community to lock and secure your vehicles and not to leave any items of value (including garage door openers) in your vehicles overnight.

Many criminals look for crimes of opportunity, which may be as easy as walking down a residential street trying vehicle door handles until they find a vehicle that is unlocked. Unfortunately 10 incidents this week occurred due to vehicles being left unlocked.

We understand that being a victim of crime can be traumatic and stressful and want to ensure that our community is protecting themselves the best way possible against these criminals.

On April 9 the Oliver RCMP responded to a mobile home fire on Ryegrass Road just south of Oliver. The cause of the fire is not known but believed to have originated in the kitchen area of the home. Nobody was inside the mobile home when the Oliver Fire Department arrived on scene.

The RCMP were able to locate the homeowner, Dale Watts, and confirm his well-being. Thank you to the community for providing information on his possible whereabouts.

Other than the above calls, the RCMP responded to liquor/drug complaints, disturbance calls, check well-being, shoplifting, assaults, domestic disturbances, motor vehicle incidents, suspicious vehicles and persons, mischief, harassment, fraud, suicide calls and abandoned 911 calls.

On a lighter note, the Oliver RCMP attended the “Celebration of Traditions” Pow Wow at Osoyoos Secondary School along with a number of elementary students from School District 53.

Oliver members even had the opportunity to try out their dancing skills during a pow wow but could not come close to some of the amazing dance moves put on by our local teachers.

It was a great opportunity to learn more about the culture and traditions of local First Nations communities. This event takes place all weekend for anyone who is interested.

(Submitted by Cpl. Christina Tarasoff)