Local woman distraught by emergency room experience

Local woman distraught by emergency room experience


Dan Walton
Oliver Chronicle

A local woman says she was shooed out of the emergency room without getting any treatment.

Parmjeet Dhaliwal went to the ER at South Okanagan General Hospital on Friday afternoon with chest pains and a migraine. She claims the doctor told her she should have gone to her family doctor, then held the door open for her to leave without offering any treatment.

“I said you don’t have to open the door for me, I can go by myself. And then he said call security, he told one of the nurses to call security,” she said. “For him it’s not urgent but I was scared.”

Dhaliwal felt denied of health care.

“Where should I go? I was told I should go to my family doctor, and my family doctor is on holiday.”

She said she has gone to SOGH in the past with similar pain and received treatment.

“But this time he didn’t even examine me or nothing. He just looked at the paper and started yelling at me… I’m not lying, I do have a pain. And he didn’t treat me for that.”

In a response from Interior Health, health service administrator Carl Meadows said, “While we cannot comment on specific complaints, all concerns and/or complaints are reviewed locally regardless of how they were received. This specific concern followed the same process. However, we encourage any patient who has questions, compliments or concerns about his or her care to contact the Patient Care Quality Office.”

If patients are unsure of whether to seek medical care, Interior Health encourages them to call Healthlink at 811 (711 for hearing impaired), 24-7 to speak to a registered nurse.

Patients can also speak to a pharmacist as a good resource for advice and limited prescription renewals.

IH encourages people to speak to pharmacists about allergies, cold symptoms, manageable back pain/joint pain, urgent medical refills, minor fever and mild rash.


  1. Linda Thornback as a whitish male I went in with a work place injury, doctor just sent me home with pain meds. Said go back to work. So it isn’t any better