Local MMA hopeful ready to fight professionally

Local MMA hopeful ready to fight professionally

Marlan (Pretty Boy) Hall has defended his amateur featherweight title and plans to step into the professional MMA circuit. (Photo contributed)

By Lyonel Doherty

A 23-year-old mixed martial artist from Oliver says he’s ready to go pro.

On March 16, Marlan (Pretty Boy) Hall successfully defended his title against number three ranked Casey O’Leary in the Battlefield Fight League Amateur Featherweight Championship on Coquitlam.

Hall finished O’Leary with a kimura (shoulder lock) in just two minutes in the first round.

“My strategy was to stand my ground, utilize my superior boxing and get the knockout,” said the elated fighter.

Hall said O’Leary tried to take him down, but he defended well and ended up in a top position. From there he finished the fight with the kimura.

Hall’s record is now 10-3. With that win, he now has the most wins of any amateur fighter in battlefield fight league history.

“The next step for me is to take that big step up and start fighting professionally. I feel I’m more than ready for this, and I feel like I showcased I’m more than ready to become a professional fighter.”

Hall’s passion for mixed martial arts began in his backyard where he wrestled with friends. He then took the sport into his basement where he duct-taped air mattresses to the floor, which acted as his grappling mat.

The rest, as they say, is history.