Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Ugly signs detracting from Oliver’s beauty 

My wife and I have been travelling to the Oliver area for years to recreate and visit friends. Our last trip was in July of this year and I want to report an unfortunate change in perception of what was a beautiful area.

Unfortunately our visual reception to your community has changed from a pleasant “urban valley” view to one of gross commercialization. Billboard after billboard, ugly sign after ugly sign, touting what one can do or buy in the vicinity.

It couldn’t get much worse or be more offensive to the natural beauty of your area. Particularly in contrast to the winery signage that has been tastefully done with conformity in size and colour. I can only assume that you have no sign ordinance that exists for the road between the border crossing and Oliver. Too bad.  You need one to reclaim the real beauty of your community.

Terry Sorom, Wenatchee, WA



Let’s brighten up Main Street before we evolve 

With regard to our mayor’s constant talk of selling off the municipal campground, starting shortly after his election, I am lead to believe that this is more than his idea.

During the summer it appears to be a very popular place for much-needed tourists to stay. The campground offers little in amenities but its location is delightful.

This carping about improving the downtown core as a valid reason for selling this off is really ridiculous. The downtown core has at least two large lots vacant, not even minimum landscaping to offset the ugliness.

The Nk’ Mip First Nations are in the process of building a large resort, hotel, adjacent to the golf course which is  being marvelously upgraded (I am a proud member).

Just how many hotels will Oliver business support? It’s a great idea to clean up the downtown core. How about some significant incentives for businesses to spend time and money brightening up Main Street.

How about getting that store with a plywood sheet over its window to put glass in or build over it in an appropriate manner? (Editor’s note: This has been done.)

However, back to selling off the campground, I would like to know if municipal staff has had input in this endeavour, or is it the private campgrounds getting our mayor’s ear?

Let’s get the parks and recreation staff to improve this wonderful facility Oliver has. Include a mini-golf and other park-like games for one and all to enjoy.

Gillian and Brian Kettlewell, Oliver




Irrigation fees for rural properties exorbitant

I am concerned about council’s recent decision to charge rural homeowners exorbitant fees for irrigation water.

Prior to 2013, rural homeowners were not charged for irrigation water, and were charged usual rates for metered well water.

In the fall of 2012 a decision was made by council to charge $715 per acre for irrigation water. This is a fixed rate and not dependent upon amount of water used. The rate for irrigation water for agricultural use is $209 per acre.

This decision was made by council members for the Town of Oliver.

These council members do not represent rural homeowners and are not elected by rural homeowners. There is no means of appeal and there is no voice for rural homeowners on Town council. The amount to be charged for irrigation water for rural homeowners is outrageous. Irrigation water is water and should cost the same whether it is used for agriculture or for rural gardens.

The charge can also be fixed and the rural homeowners have no control over the cost to them. Metered water use can be controlled and therefore users can control their cost of water use.

This exorbitant cost for irrigation water must be reviewed and a more reasonable charge for rural home irrigation water must be established.


George Webster, Oliver




If it ain’t broke don’t fix it!

This refers to the July 31 Chronicle and the well written letter from Joanne Dyck about the municipal campground in Oliver.

I too wondered what “higher and better use” Mayor Hovanes and council foresee for the campground;  it is a lovely spot and encourages visitors. Camping is a long treasured part of Canadian culture, and it doesn’t get much higher and better than that.

Motels are great, and have their place; but for the experience of camping outdoors, the Centennial RV Park is a lovely spot by the river.

There is an old saying, “if it isn’t broke why fix it” or words to that effect.

Sometimes we are too close to a situation and it takes an outside view to point out the obvious.

Katie Di Iuorio, Oliver




  1. The Irony of it all….
    One has to ponder how many of the inmates that are residing in the new 200 million dollar jail in Oliver (Ollie) are there because of Marijuana related offenses. And now not a ‘Stoned ‘throw away, not a few hundred yards down the road in the same industrial park there is going to be built a massive 100 million dollar ‘Pot’ plant…. with the sole purpose of growing as much Weed as quickly and potently as is humanly possible .Well done Chief Louie you have once again showed em how its done,you are a man with a vision, this ‘Joint’ venture another example of your shrewd business acumen. So in the OLIVER industrial park we will have a Jail, a Pot plant a Tim Horton’s all we need now is a bus stop outside the main jail gates so that the good guys can be ‘weeded’ out from the bad guys and take a ‘trip’ into town on their day passes.
    Chief Louie… have you ever thought of ‘running in municipal politics , word has it that there will be a good job with great benefits come October in Penticton.
    Don Smithyman Oliver.