Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Let’s be vigilant out there

This letter is directed to the individual(s) responsible for the theft of my Honda ATV early Monday morning on October 1, and also to the honest future victims to be.

To the former, you must be proud of your chosen profession and your elevated position in society.

You are, after all, highly sought after, and so shall you be until somebody catches you or you get careless, or someone betrays or turns on you. After all, who can you trust?

And to those of you who have yet to be unwilling or unwitting  hosts to the above mentioned, be aware – they are waiting to accommodate you.

Be vigilant! Take particular note of individuals or vehicles loitering or paying more than a casual interest in your property or possessions. They may come back under the cover of night.

Blaine Skelton, Oliver


Many reasons for new park

Since becoming an old coot, I have been enjoying ocean cruises, and thus meeting a lot of tourists and talking about holidays. I have talked with Canadians and Americans, of course, but also with countless tourists from Asia, Latin America and Europe. I have also travelled North America and Europe by automobile every year.

Everywhere I go, I have asked people why they come to Canada on their holidays. The answer is almost always that they want to visit our national parks. On a recent cruise to Alaska, all these people told me that they had been to Banff and Lake Louise and Kootenay National Park, but none had been to the Okanagan.

Parks Canada knows this. They know that tourism brings a lot of foreign and domestic cash to the park’s region. And the merchants in the towns that happen to be lucky enough to be in or near national parks know it too. Ask store-owners and hoteliers and restaurant managers in Banff.

There are a lot of reasons to desire a national park between Keremeos and the South Okanagan, but the business opportunities certainly make up a major one.

George Bowering, Vancouver


‘Movember’ is a good cause

It is getting close to November already, and with it comes the fundraising for “Movember.”

This is a month where men everywhere (or at least ones who know about it) shave their moustaches on November 1; clean off one final time before letting them grow untouched for a full month.

This is done in the attempt to raise money for men’s health in regards to prostate and/or testicular cancer.

The “staches” are grown to show support, and who supports the cause, myself along with a select few I know are doing just this.

There will be donation boxes set at the Pharmasave across from RBC and Dollarama, as well as at Canadian Tire. If you feel like making a donation online to me or to the group that I am a part of, the links are provided below.

Thank you for your donations for men’s health.

http://moteam.co/oliver-fire-department, http://mobro.co/danknelsen

Daniel Knelsen, Oliver


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