Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor


Big companies don’t care

 We have been Dairy Queen customers for a long time. Most every Friday we have hamburgers at the DQ in Osoyoos.  We have discovered that they sell sundaes for half price in their freezer display case.

We buy them and by the time we get to Oliver they are just right for eating. We had burgers last Tuesday and purchased two sundaes… when we got home we opened them …as we were eating them my husband pulled out what appeared to be a paper towel in the strawberry sundae… It was gross.

I phoned the health people because I did not know where that towel had been before it appeared in the sundae. I left a message at DQ for the manager to phone because I was not impressed. They did not return my call. I reported the incident to DQ online.

I phoned the DQ next day and told the manager what happened.. She said to me “I made those sundaes myself and that (the paper towel) did not happen. I said are you calling me a liar? She responded “ I did not say that”. Please draw your own conclusions.

I only wanted my sundae  and my lunch replaced. But they can’t do it, as  it would be admitting to a mistake, which was likely just an accident. So think about this when patronizing your small local restaurants.

If you have a problem they go out of their way to make things right because they want you to come back. Big companies don’t care even if you are a long time customer.

Marion Soames, Oliver




Latest FortisBC ad is really good for a chuckle

I almost split my seams chuckling last week reading your tongue-in-cheek editorial about FortisBC finally finding our stash of money trees…indeed we must continue to share the wealth (or lack thereof) with their stock holders.

This week you nailed the BCUC with their timely advertisement about registering to be a participant regarding an application by FortisBC for approval of a multi-year performance-based rate making plan for the years 2014 through 2018 (as you suggested – let’s increase our rates again…yay!!!!)  by July 24 in newspapers that were published on the day of or same day.

I’ll take the Lamborghini to Kelowna because I like to sing along with tunes in a most horrendous fashion, besides more people can be seated in a jet.

That advertisement also caught my eye and thought perhaps there was some sort of publication hiccup with the dates.

I checked with the local publications

They all had the same advertisements with the same publication time frame.

As stated in a letter to FortisBC president /CEO John Walker, BCUC Len Kelsey, office and chair, Premier of BC – Christie Clark, and Minister Of Energy – Bill Bennett mailed August 1 by Express Post, my thoughts on this advertisement are these:

You covered your legal obligation by publishing the notice of application.  However, placing a half-page advertisement in local newspapers published on, or one day before the date of eligibility to register in WRITING to participate in the proceedings by July 24, 2013 then you have achieved your goal.

Nobody will have the right to attend as an intervener.  YOU HAVE GIVEN THE PUBLIC NO TIME to respond. Be honest with yourselves, you do not want the public to attend these matters because you might actually feel the wrath, frustration and desperation of people who do not share your economic status.  Stay tuned folks.  There is a feeling that this issue is not yet resolved.  Once again, thank you everyone!


Kelly Wheeler,Oliver










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