Letters the the Editor

Letters the the Editor


Paved pathway is lovely

Recently I went walking with my dogs and my little daughter along the freshly paved east side of the river channel.

As usual I was thoroughly enjoying the fact that I no longer had to worry about rolling over weeds and puncturing the stroller tires or getting annoying rocks stuck in my sandals, when a very sweet older couple approached.

She was using a walker and he was riding an electric scooter; they were out for a romantic evening stroll together. I asked them if they liked the newly paved trail and they both smiled and agreed that it was much easier to get out and walk now and they could go for longer trips than they used to.

This made me smile too and we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

I have walked the trail on one side of the river or the other nearly every single day since I moved to Oliver in 2011, and am so proud to live in a community where people of all ages value physical activity and enjoy being out in nature.

A sincere thank you and kudos to the Town of Oliver staff who sought out and successfully applied for an infrastructure grant to pave the east side of the river, making it easier for Oliver residents to get out walking, running, cycling or wheeling and experiencing the benefits of recreation.

Carol Sheridan, Oliver 



Park Place residents grateful

The owners of Park Place Strata thank the people of the Town of Oliver and district for their generous help in our time of need. We sincerely appreciate all that has been done for us during this time when our lives have been turned upside down.

So many responded as if it was they who had also received the notice to evacuate their home due to structural damage resulting from a seismic event. Our community cares. Our community has empathy.  Our community reaches out. So much help came in practical ways – there was little talk and much action.

Thank you especially to those who organized the fundraiser at Nk’ Mip golf course, to Sarren Wolfe and the entire crew of the Wolfe’s Den,  to those who donated through the silent auction, and those who bought tickets to the dinner. You gave us joy and hope, and you focused the community.

Thank you, especially to Churches that Care and to all who donated to the fund that they established and expeditiously distributed to individual owners in need.

You gave us cash when wallets were empty. Thank you to all who helped owners to pack and to move: especially WOW, Valley First Credit Union who provided a truck load of new boxes and packing paper, the Kiwanis, Sarren Wolfe and his crew, and the congregation of Park Drive Church.  You preserved and protected our precious possessions that might otherwise have been abandoned.

There are two individuals that deserve public recognition: Linda Gergely, an owner, who was the center of coordination, communication, and wise counsel for owners and volunteers alike; Beth Garrish, citizen of Oliver, who brought the community together and facilitated the volunteer effort, and who moved unseen through the chaos applying effort to need.

We at Park Place have spread upon the winds in all directions to find accommodations. We will not forget. We will be back.

Thank you, Oliver.


Joy Vangen, Oliver