Letter: Who’s in charge here?

Letter: Who’s in charge here?


When does it end? When is it over? How much longer?

How many more times is this creep going to get judicial retakes? Who’s blunder is it this time? Which officer of our injustice system screwed up again? Are we actually paying these incompetent overpaid clowns?

You don’t need to ask who I am referring to . . . it’s the lovable Ronald Teneycke, no less, the Okanagan’s tyrant, the chap who our judiciary has had a love affair with for years. Now, because of another ‘techno-error’ in the court administration system this waste of space gets another hearing.

Correct me if I am wrong: wasn’t he deemed a dangerous offender and placed in a so-called ‘maximum security’ prison where it appears part of his rehabilitation was being allowed to send a letter to the man he almost killed and permanently maimed and is still allowed to continually threaten him? What the hell is going on here? What kangaroo court will appease him this time?  We are bordering on being a banana republic with our so-called justice.

Once again, may I ask, who the hell is in charge here? And get this, the judge gave the creep an extra nine months to be added to his sentence for disobeying the court. Huh? Am I delusional or was this creep’s term considered an indeterminate amount of time to be served? Why didn’t the judge add a fresh daily doughnut to his penalty as well. OMG! This is bordering on the farcical!

It is without a doubt that Mr. Belleville (the victim in all of this) would have an iron clad case against the court system for extreme incompetence if he were to sue them for neglect in providing him justice.

In another matter, a week or so ago Ted de Jager (the Okanagan’s top cop) on his annual meet and greet with a straight face told the less than happy crowd, ”If someone breaks into your home during the night, get your loved ones together and quietly leave the house.” A safe distance he meant, no doubt, and then call the cops, he motioned to his cell phone.

If there is anyone out there gullible enough or actually stupid enough to think that De Jager and his wife or any of his army of boys and girls in blue would calmly exit their home whilst an uninvited creep rifled and destroyed their possessions, then I have a bridge for sale, and aptly it is in Penticton, a redundant railway bridge on Highway 97, and you all know what it is adjacent to.

Don Smithyman