LETTER: We’re paying for Justin Trudeau’s big failures

LETTER: We’re paying for Justin Trudeau’s big failures


Costs are going up for regular Canadian families – especially for those living in British Columbia.

Liberal policies have raised the price of everything from gasoline and home heating to the cost of groceries and electricity.

In some parts of Vancouver, drivers were paying up to $1.60 per litre to fill up their tanks recently.

And now, they can expect their costs to go up even more.

Recently, Justin Trudeau announced that he will use $4.5 billion taxpayer dollars to buy the existing 65-year-old Trans Mountain pipeline. 

Sadly, this is only the beginning of the hit to taxpayers. The Liberals will force taxpayers to fork over billions more to build the proposed expansion project – and your family will pay for it with higher taxes.

The prime minister wants Canadians to believe that this is the only way to get the new pipeline built. But Trudeau is wrong – four pipelines were built under the previous Conservative government without spending one cent of taxpayer money.

Canada’s Conservatives understand that by providing more certainty, lowering taxes and ensuring that regulations are both effective and efficient, projects like Trans Mountain can be built safely without imposing a burden on taxpayers.

We will keep fighting for the women and men who earn a living thanks to Canada’s natural resource sector, and we’ll fight every day to make life more affordable for Canadian families, who shouldn’t be asked to foot the bill to pay for Justin Trudeau’s failures.

Mark Strahl, MP