LETTER: Victims of accident thank communities

LETTER: Victims of accident thank communities

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We’re the folks in the motorhome/big rig accident on April 28 by Deer Park Estates on Highway 97.

We just wanted to say thank you to all those who stopped to help or just ask if we were okay.

A special thanks goes to the couple from Deer Park who stayed with us, the two couples who offered to be witnesses, the paramedics who already had someone on board and still checked on us while traffic was stopped (and had to climb through the front window), the lady who came back with a cup of coffee for me from Tim Hortons (you’re a real sweetie), and especially for Roger, his wife and the crew from Collision Craft. They really hustled to do a great job and have been truly kind and helpful, going above and beyond.

A tip of the hat goes to the paramedics who transported my husband to the hospital in Penticton. He was a first responder himself on Vancouver Island and is hard to impress, but he was impressed with this crew. Good job, guys!

The attending physician and staff in the ER were great too. Thanks also to the U-Haul guy in Osoyoos who made that whole process much easier.

The whole gang at Osoyoos Baptist made us feel right at home on April 29, welcoming us to their lovely service and yummy potluck afterward.

I never thought I would see anyone who could out-talk my husband, but one of the men at our table actually managed it. Nice work!

About the RCMP … no one seems to appreciate the police anymore no matter where you are. They have a dangerous and demanding job, multitasking in rapidly changing situations while maintaining professional courtesy, judgment and demeanor. Our thanks to the responding RCMP officer; your efforts were appreciated.

Finally, to the other driver … this event happened and cannot be changed, but you absolutely did the right thing by stopping immediately and staying there. Thank you.

You’re young. (Well, everyone is younger than we are these days.) Driving a big rig is not the same as driving a car. There is an entirely different set of skills and judgment required. These will take time for you to develop. No cell phones, no distractions and both hands on the wheel.

Lesser vehicles are no match for one of the big guys and a semi is not a sports car.

Other vehicles … please give the big trucks some space. Stay out of their blind spot, don’t tailgate and give them lots of room when passing. Those things can’t stop on a dime.

With the deepest gratitude from one Canadian and one Yank.

Mr. and Mrs. John Groenendyk, Soldotna, Alaska