LETTER: Van killer pure evil

LETTER: Van killer pure evil

Alek Minassian has been charged with 10 counts of first-degree murder and 13 counts of attempted murder following a van attack in Toronto on April 23. (Photo Facebook.com/talkRADIOUK)

He’s not my hero.

So the copper who got the van killer in Toronto to surrender without firing a shot is considered a hero? Not in my book he isn’t.

That killer who mowed down all those innocent people should have died in a hail of bullets, or better yet, someone should have tossed a grenade into the cab.

Now, because of the “good cop” we will spend millions on this waste of space trying to figure out why he did what he did.

I can tell you why: some people are simply pure evil.

Now we will have our Canadian limp legal system all fired up; the parole board taking notes and getting all excited, the gutless judges getting the legal beavers looking for precedents, the lawyers phoning and rounding up the so-called specialists, and the shrinks going through the so-called “good books” looking for a sympathetic reason.

Yeah, he probably heard voices telling him to do the killings. And haven’t we all heard that one before?

Don Smithyman, Oliver 


  1. Totally agree… one bullet or $10 million dollars in legal costs. If he was shot, everyone would be saying ‘he got what he deserved’. No doubt he is guilty but then the legal system has to now work together to help each other make money on this case. Don’t forget it will be dragged out because he will fire his lawyers many times. Then the faceless judge who has no responsibility to the people of Canada will let the case go on forever as he/she has to determine if the current issue is justified. Shoot next time

  2. I do not agree with Don or Lindsay with your opinion. Could you imagine Society if the police or law enforcement agency what is the judge and jury at any given moment. Our legal system is not perfect and yes it does cost more than the cost of a bullet to prosecute somebody for these heinous crimes. As an ex-cop I know that feeling and it be just a simple to shoot or kill somebody in the problem there as far as dollars and sense goes. But this isn’t about dollars and cents it’s about proving Beyond a reasonable doubt that this person did it wasn’t fact sane or insane when he committed this horrible crime. The role of the law enforcement agencies is to collect evidence presented in court and let the judicial system IE defense counsel prosecutors judges make the decision regarding guilt or not guilty. Every Canadian deserves their day in court regardless of how heinous the crime is. Our system is not perfect but I much rather have our system Dennis system where anybody in law enforcement can go around and arbitrarily shoot and kill somebody for a crime they think this person is committed and that they should not live. That is not the decision for enforcement agencies to make. That is for the judicial and only the judicial to make that decision. Yes a boat is a lot cheaper then and all out trial. But the evidence has to speak for itself as to guilt or innocence. That’s why it’s so incumbent on lawn for forcement agencies to get their investigations right and collect all evidence and present all evidence at a trial.

  3. He is my hero. Sometimes a police officer has to make a split-second decision to take a life or to preserve life. All police officers are trained to try and preserve life if at all possible. But sometimes there is a necessity to take a life. In this particular evidence as a video on folded it became very obvious to me that this guy did not have a weapon and did not have a gun. He was looking for suicide by cop nothing more nothing less. Regardless of how reprehensible the crime he has committed our laws in Canada state that he has the right for his day in court regardless how guilty he is. It is up to the crown prosecutor to prove Beyond A Reasonable Doubt that this person committed the crime he is charged with. As an ex-cop I feel your frustration Dawn and Lindsay because I’ve been there too and yes it would have been a lot easier to spend a few cents on a bullet and putting a piece of Slum through all the courts at a ridiculously high cost. But that is not the job for law enforcement. The job for a law enforcement is to investigate collect evidence and presented before a judge and or jury. With the crown and the defense represented. It is then up to the the courts of our country to make the determination of guilt or innocence. Nobody else has that right or privilege. Not to be just or right. But it is a fair system inventory of cases.


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