Letter: Urban Planning

Letter: Urban Planning


Dear editor:

As reported in the Chronicle:

Traffic calming and new park design By dwalton – November 23, 2018.

An open house takes place on Dec. 4 in the Community Centre Hall. Doors open at 4:30 p.m. with informal information and drawings available to view with Town Staff and TRUE Consulting.

I applaud the Town of Oliver for trying to include the public on these two issues. However, I have some real concerns:

Clearly while rushing to get the Coast Hotel into town someone in the previous administration forgot to include the rest of Station Street into their/our plans. Wouldn’t a comprehensive plan that included the remnants of Centennial Park, the new little park along side Fairview and the remaining portions of Station street as parts of the same issue?

Instead we now have an out of town entity, True Consulting out of Kelowna, engaged in the planning that should have been undertaken long before we bent over backwards for those that own the Hotel.

I have a set of suggestions:

Consider the remaining parts of Station Street, the remnants of Centennial Park and this new little park all part of the same project.

• Re-construct Centennial Park, there exists plenty of room to do so, in fact there exists enough room to expand it.

• Install a new trailer dump; I am almost certain that our planners wouldn’t have forgotten to include the plumbing tie ins in all the new infrastructure that we paid so dearly for to placate the Coast Hotel.

• Finish to the north, the paving, utilities infrastructure and beautification of Station Street.

• Invite Chief Louie and whomever designed their office structures to come in and design and install a native theme to the entire Station Street area. The OIB office structure is without question the most innovative and beautiful design I have levelled my eyes on in this entire region. Inside and out.

• Don’t make the issue of ‘Traffic Calming’ more complicated than it need be. Reduce the speed limit on any street within 500 meters of the junction of 97 and Fairview. 40km maybe even 30km in some spots.

• See to it that traffic enforcement exists. Clearly the RCMP is tied up with bigger issues, so explore the idea of: red light and speed cameras that automatically generate tickets/fines for the owner of the vehicles who chose to put us all at risk. Many communities in BC are doing the same.

Integrating with OIB on issues such as these might just pave the way for more cooperation with respect to other important matters of the day; like crime. I might also allow our youth to see that this community respects those of us who came before us and provide inspiration to them and our tourist guests that our only focus is not solely on the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

I would also like to know who commissioned True Consulting, how much it will eventually cost us and what were the constraints and or guidelines that were provided to them.

Michael Guthrie