Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor


Don’t let FortisBC bully you

By this process, I am feeling a sense of loss of our freedom that we have been proud of in this country of Canada.  I am glad that BCUC has made restrictions for Fortis. They are obliged to provide an opt out for those concerned about health effects or security. I am sad for low-income people who won’t be able to afford the Fortis opt-out.

Even if they feel a loss of health after the meter is installed, they cannot afford the opt-out.  I am happy for me that I have a metal lock on my analog meter.  I will not have one on my home.

It is a relief to finally have a decision from the BC Utilities Commission. Fortis can now place a power meter on a home that will radiate and heat the cells in the body.  It has never been proven that this is safe.  Like with all things, time will tell.

It is a loss to us that a utility company can install a strongly radiating meter on our homes. The water meters are not strong. They are read from the road. Smart Meters have to be read from three kilometers away, and at least once a minute.

This was an industry decision by BCUC, not a health decision. There was a large amount of independent scientific evidence presented at the BCUC hearings held in March. Several provinces and states have refused Smart Meters.

Fortis may want to bully people into having the Smart Meter. Even if you have the digital meter, you can stop them from activating it.

You can opt-out  or make a sign to put on your meter, then send a registered letter to Fortis saying you do not give them “permission to remove it” because you are concerned for your health.

If you have a lock on your meter, you can keep your analog meter and make a  sign also send a registered letter to Fortis.

Judy Nicholas, Oliver


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