Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor


Bridge causes Concern

I am a 75-year young resident of Country Pines Retirement Park north of Oliver,  mere meters south of the problem area. I am seeking your support and consideration in solving our problem.

The problem we have is that a small, two-lane bridge called McIntyre Bluff bridge (45 years old) on Highway 97 is causing 18-wheelers to excessively jar and bounce on the bridge. I am concerned for the safety of the driving public and the disruptive noises this causes.

The crashing sounds caused by trucks, through no fault of their own, can happen 24/7. This is a real annoyance and disturbance to the peace and serenity of park residents and other area residents.

To describe the problem with the bridge construction is that over a year ago, the expansion strips (between the concrete slabs) of the bridge were replaced. The new strips were left too high above the surface of the road. When adjustments were made to the aforementioned problem, the contractor added to this problem by what I call “speed bumps” – thus the loud crashing and vibration noises.

I had been in touch with district development technician Ron Domanko in regards to this situation. I also spoke with operation manager Jeff Wiseman (Domanko’s supervisor). As a result, Domanko met with me on Sept. 11, 2012 to assess the bridge. Bottom line, nothing was done to correct the noise and vibration problem.

Now, the highways department is expanding the highway north of the bridge to create the McIntyre passing lane. The highway will shrink to two lanes just north of this bridge. There are signs on the highway on both sides of the bridge that suggest speed on this strip of the highway be 60 km/h. Very few, if any, vehicles travel under 80 km/h within this stretch.

Ideally, replacing the old bridge with the installation of a larger unit would rectify the safety aspect and resolve the noise and vibration problems. I would appreciate any assistance that you can offer to alleviate this situation.

E. J. Trotter, Oliver 


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