Letter to the Editor

Letter to the Editor


Schafer leaves the Board

It’s with mixed feelings that I’m giving notice that I’ll be unable to continue serving on the Oliver and District Heritage Society board as of this November due to a change in my work schedule (a better schedule for me and my wife Robbie).

It’s been a pleasure to have been on the board and to have experienced the quality leadership of Michael Newman and, most recently, Sue Morhun.

A pleasure also to have worked with the other board members and staff and to have witnessed the transformation of our museum.

But as I move on and don’t want to leave the board shorthanded, I’d like to make a request for a replacement.

Oliver is a volunteer rich community and I would urge anyone with just a little spare time and an interest in Oliver’s heritage to consider coming forward and becoming a board member.

There is only one meeting a month and the occasional social event, an easy but fulfilling commitment. Please give it some thought and, if interested, drop in at the archives and talk with our manager, Tracy.


Terry Schafer, Oliver