LETTER: This bean counting and inaction must stop now

LETTER: This bean counting and inaction must stop now

Pumps are being used to protect Secrest Hill Road from washing out west of Pampas Grass Way. (Lyonel Doherty photo)

A week ago on the prompting of a local resident, I called Argo and the RDOS emergency number to report the obvious problem with the Secrest culverts.

With a little promoting of the Argo receptionist, I was put in contact with one of their foremen that advised me what to look for to judge if the failure was imminent.  It was not at that time and I so informed the emergency centre of that, but this was a situation that would have to be watched and dealt with soon.

There has been no attempt so far to lower the water behind the restriction and fears of a breach have prompted evacuation alerts for 16 homes.

I understand that these homeowners would not like more water but I do think that they may feel better about the water than the debris field and tsunami that will follow a breach.

Two six-inch pumps could conceivably make the difference here if it is not too late already. Keep in mind that even the most optimistic person must know that the worst is not over yet. 

I know there is no funding for this and they are expensive to rent. More expensive than even one house? Or one person’s farm livelihood?

Once again, if this was a forest fire how many helicopters at thousands of dollars an hour would be thrown at it, not to mention the other resources.

This bean counting system is being used to justify inaction and must stop.People’s whole lives depend on a political “i” that needs to be dotted and a “t” that needs to be crossed.

Rick Knodel, Willowbrook


  1. This is so true, in case of fire everything and everyone is involved immediately. In case of flooding or even a danger of flooding, homeowners are told they are responsible for protecting their property.


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