Letter: The key fit the lock

Letter: The key fit the lock


I collect keys. I have been collecting them since I got off the boat in 1974. I have a “thing” about locks; they make me feel secure.

A few years ago an elderly neighbour knocked on our door. He said “I hear that you have a lot of keys.”

I said “Yes . . . it’s a silly hobby. I have hundreds of them; I have car keys, door keys and padlock keys.”

He said “Don, I have lost my house keys again. Do you think you might have one that fits?” I  said “Probably not, but I can let you have some to try out.” I went into my shop and gave him three bunches of house type keys, and off he went.

He came back grinning the next morning. “One of them worked. Thanks.” I said “I’m glad I could help. Could I have my key back?”

He looked indignant and said “C’mon, man, it is a key to my house.  I can’t let you have a key to my home.”

I told him not to worry in that I had another one that was identical.

The following day I saw a locksmith van outside his house changing the front door lock. From what I heard it cost him nearly $200 to get  his locks changed. I had lied about having a second one, and had he returned my key I was going to give it to him for a spare. Does this qualify for not looking a gift horse in the mouth?

Don Smithyman