LETTER: The irony of it all

LETTER: The irony of it all


One has to ponder how many of the inmates that are residing in the new $200 million jail in Oliver are there because of marijuana-related offences.

And now not a ‘stoned’ throw away, not a few hundred yards down the road in the same industrial park there is going to be built a massive $100 million ‘pot’ plant … with the sole purpose of growing as much weed as quickly and potently as is humanly possible.

Well done, Chief Louie, you have once again showed ‘em how it’s done. You are a man with a vision; this ‘joint’ venture is another example of your shrewd business acumen.

So in the Senkulmen industrial park we will have a jail, a pot plant a Tim Hortons … all we need now is a bus stop outside the main jail gates so that the good guys can be ‘weeded’ out from the bad guys and take a ‘trip’ into town on their day passes.

Don Smithyman, Oliver