LETTER: Thanks for improving, Oliver

LETTER: Thanks for improving, Oliver

Crews continue to work on the new sidewalk construction project on Spartan Street. (Lyonel Doherty photo)

Just want to mention a couple of improvements in our town.

The crosswalk at the bridge has been made more visible now that it is painted with yellow and white stripes. Any improvement that makes a crosswalk more visible  is a winner in my book.

The parking stops that are in place on the school road and Highway 97 make it so much safer for a person with a walker; now we can use the paved area adjacent to the parking stalls and do not have to go behind parked cars to get to our vehicles.

At last there is a bench at Buy-Low so  for those waiting for a ride or taxi, you do not have to sit on the curb.

Thank you to the Town of Oliver and to Southwinds Shopping Centre.

Marion Soames, Oliver