LETTER: Ted De Jager’s words ring hollow

LETTER: Ted De Jager’s words ring hollow


So our community top cop (Superintendent Ted De Jager) once again says he doesn’t want the people thinking in terms of vigilante justice to cope with all the crime now rampant in the Okanagan communities, Really!

Well if I was driving around in a fancy squad car legally packing a loaded 9mm Glock and a loaded Remington 370 Pump Shot Gun clipped in beside me to accompany whatever ‘ Back up’ side arm I have strapped my ankle, and let’s not forget the Trusty Taser and the set of handcuffs strapped to my bullet proof vest , all this and being only seconds away from all the boys in blue coming to my aid with the Canine squad barking behind them… Yeh Ted… I too would sing your song if I had the Cavalry at my side, but Ted, in reality the people who should be, and are thinking of protecting themselves by whatever means possible are frowned upon by you!.

Let’s keep it simple here sir…. the courts are letting us down, the cops can’t cope, council runs on wishful thinking, The bleeding heart Liberals are running the show with Mr. Wonderful in charge, just what do you expect a person to do who has lived by the rules and sweated and worked their ass off, trying to compete in getting their businesses off the ground only to have your criminal element take it all away.

Superintendent  Mr. De Jager… It says it all when kids show up at a council meeting in the school library and tell you guys that they are afraid to walk the town, in that they must now travel in gangs to feel safe.

Superintendent De Jager and  Penticton Mayor John Vassilaki.. If someone breaks into your home threatening the lives of your wife and kids they should expect to clearly die in the process! If someone breaks into your business to possibly ruin you financially or worse ‘mentally’ they should be prepared to be fed by a straw forever afterwards. The justice system via the court system is not working, it is letting us all down,

Might I suggest that your combined think tanks should be voicing your ideas to those who really make the rules back in Ottawa. Stand up and be counted! Go out on a limb, tell it the way it is, the public would be right there with you respect abound.

Don Smithyman, Oliver


Lyonal … a copy of this was also sent to ‘Joe’