Letter: Take our village back

Letter: Take our village back


How many folks in Okanagan Falls realize what a hold RDOS has over our community? And I am not including our Area D director who is trying to get things overturned.

The jumping platform on the trestle bridge is closed because a child scraped a knee. (How many of us suffered scrapes, bruises and even broken bones when we were young?) The mother complained and the RDOS closed it without any consultation with our people.

The baseball diamond at Keogan Sports Park has been closed down by RDOS because a house across the road complained without any consultation with our people.

Have you noticed that all our park grass only gets cut on a Thursday because our cutting equipment is now in Penticton and has to be brought down every Thursday for our cutting and then taken back to Penticton. Who decided this? Why of course, the RDOS.

Have you tried going to our RDOS office only to find it closed because the big RDOS in Penticton decided we did not need an office, so everyone was transferred to their office, except  our Nancy who is part time. Again, without any consultation with our people.   

There are probably other things that we don’t know about. Even though we are not incorporated there are ways to take things into our hands as if we were incorporated. Just ask our director Ron  Obirek and let us take our lovely village back.

Barbara Few
Okanagan Falls


  1. Good for you Barbara ! Nice to see someone willing to take a stand in support of their beliefs. Come on people, get behind her, let your voices and opinions be heard. Relying on someone who doesn’t live in the area to make decisions for you is not the best situation for the village. Stand up and give your support to Barbara and have your village run the way you want.