LETTER: RCMP member went above and beyond

LETTER: RCMP member went above and beyond

Oliver RCMP are investigating a recent home invasion and a crime involving a man who was shot in the face. (File photo)

On the way to work on March 1, I was going over the Fairview/Cawston Road. The road was clear of snow the first third of the way up. As I hit the tree line there was a bit more snow.

When I was at the 6 km mark the snow was coming down quite hard and there was about eight inches of snow on the road.

As I went farther the accumulation was higher on the road. I was at a point where there was nowhere to turn around until I could reach the half way point. Approximately at km 8, when I was at the half-way point there was about two feet of snow. I tried to turn around and my car slid into the high bank of snow and I became stuck.

About 10 minutes later a man in a pickup truck came up behind me (his name is Norman, an appliance repair guy from Penticton). He could not pass me, so he came and talked to me. I gave him my info and asked him to go talk to the police to let them know I was stuck up here. He was able to turn around and head back down.

About two and a half hours later I saw a man walking towards me. It was an RCMP officer, Cpl. Brian Evans. He said he could not make it up and had walked up 2.5 km in two and a half feet of snow to get me. We walked down to where he was parked.

Corporal Evans could not turn around, so he tried backing up. We made it about 1.5 km when he slid into the ditch. We became stuck. He tried digging us out for about an hour. He then called his detachment to let them know we were stuck and to call for a tow truck.

A fellow from Sunrise Restoration drove up and offered to help. He tried pulling us out with a rope. The rope kept breaking. He was not successful. He then carried on up the mountain.

We waited about another 1.5 hours, then we saw two men walking towards us. They were from Collision Craft towing company, Roger and Steve. They said they got stuck a kilometre behind us and walked up. As they were trying to get us out, the guy from Sunrise came walking down the mountain and told us he was stuck farther up.

With all the men to help, they were able to get us unstuck. Corporal Evans asked his detachment to call Argo to see when they could get up to plow the road. They said not anytime soon.

We drove the tow truck guys down to their truck. They had to use a winch to pull themselves out of the ditch.

Corporal Evans then drove me home. It was 5 p.m.

I need to say that Cpl. Evans of the Keremeos detachment is a stellar human being. He did not have to walk up and get me. He chose to do so. As we were walking to his truck and as we sat waiting for a tow, he was fun and we talked about lots of stuff and laughed a lot. He made the ordeal so much easier than it could have been.

I am so proud to know that we have officers like him out there taking good care of us.

Thank you, Brian, you are awesome!

Leigh-Anne Lafrance, Keremeos


  1. RCMP have to respond to a request for assistance 24/7 rain or snow, hail or high winds . Why didn’t you leave the car there and get a ride into town with Norman and call a tow truck Leigh-Anne, are you sure your middle name isn’t calamity?


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