Letter: Pipeline is a mistake

Letter: Pipeline is a mistake


On February 22 Canada’s National Energy Board officially recommended to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that the Trans-Mountain pipeline be built. But only after it admitted that it would be environmentally destructive, basically indicating that the pipeline and tankers would harm the protected Southern resident orca population and that it would have a damaging impact on the climate.

The endangered orcas are especially affected by the noise from passing ships which interferes with their ability to communicate and to find food.

Just one oil spill in the Salish Sea would devastate marine life and the humans who depend on it for generations.

According to the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, we must not build any more new fossil fuel infrastructure if we wish to avoid the worst impacts of climate change, changes which will negatively impact our children and grandchildren.

This pipeline must not be built. It is in our power to reduce the effects of runaway climate change and stopping this pipeline is a good first step.

Kerry Brewer