LETTER: Oliver needs independent police force

LETTER: Oliver needs independent police force

Police have arrested a 56-year-old Oliver man for assault and uttering threats. A Emergency Response Team was utilized Thursday evening to assist in the arrest. (File photo)

After reading the Chronicles’  article, “Council declines remuneration boost” I finally read something that made sense concerning our council members.

Dave Mattes said, “I don’t think we should automatically award ourselves,” he said, adding that councillors are supposed to represent the Town’s interests, not their own. Good show Dave.

There is an apparent lack of concern for the wishes of those in this community by our Mayor and most of the Council. I can say this because the vast majority of the people of Oliver openly believe that their wishes are not being addressed; and when they are tackled their views are not properly taken into consideration.

I have heard the people of this community; have the ears of our Mayor and council also been aroused?

The issue of the day is certainly that of crime in and about the South Okanagan, Oliver in particular.

I am calling for the establishment of an independent Oliver Police Force to supplement our RCMP coverage not replace it. Too much is being asked of our local constables and they are just not able to keep up with the crime we are experiencing here.

Funding you say? If I am not mistaken, we are already being taxed to the tune of an additional 9 per cent for a debt that has not yet accrued. Can we not use that money to begin the process of establishing a small police presence? Maybe even perhaps a paid Oliver observational and recording patrol car presence similar to “Citizens on Patrol” who would be tasked with night time video recording of nefarious activities as a way to encourage better behaviour and assist the RCMP in prosecution.

What I am suggesting is that our council might start thinking out of the box on this one. Something really needs to be done.

By the way, there will be a meeting on Tuesday night the 19th concerning this issue. I would certainly hope that our local MP’s (Linda Larson) and city politicians will be there to show their concern. My hope would be that they actually have some substantive real life solutions that they can bring forward and we can all discuss. They have had more than enough time to study and or contemplate. I want to start seeing some concrete proposals; we as a group are tired of the excuses and deserve better representation.

Michael Guthrie, Oliver