LETTER: Oliver is always changing

LETTER: Oliver is always changing

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My first wife said to me “He’s right you know.”

I said “Who’s he?”

She said “The bloke from the paper.”

I said “Which paper?”

She said “That Lyle chap …the one in the Oliver Times, the Editor fella.”

The topic was his segment in the Chronical newspaper about how Oliver is coming of age, how little ole Oliver is changing.

I have to agree with them both our little town is definitely changing.

One thing that has changed is the seasonal pickers and transients don’t seem to be all from Quebec anymore; many from Mexico perhaps.

And now we appear to have far more of them here than our little neighbor next door in Osoyoos has, but they all seem to get on so why not.

We have also lost a one of a kind  RV park with all those beautiful big trees (OMG, groan) and gained a hotel,

Time will tell if that was a good swap, for myself; I would never give up a park setting to any commercial venture. The hotel could have gone down the road a little on the site that is/was for sale and has great Hwy 97 frontage… and also has the option of the passing traffic and thus getting people to stop for a night or so instead of driving on and staying in Penticton or Kelowna.

We also have a new race track which is fantastic. Have you been there yet? It has  all kinds of races, not just cars.

It’s a great free place to stop at the free viewing area and watch the different speeders in awe, pack a lunch grab some pop and round up all the kids and drive up there and have a great time out.

And let’s not forget the new $100 million dollar massive winery further down the same road, a complex that’s going to blow everyone away when it’s completed.

And then who can miss our cool little movie house that shows all the latest movies. It’s hard to miss on Main Street with its new coat of paint and its new enthused owners from the lower mainland.

And, hey, how can we forget that we now have the big South Okanagan Slammer. AKA Ollie! One of these days I am going to put on my best running shoes and call in and ask to see Steve the warden (Steve DiCastri) and maybe have a cup of char with him. It would be the second time that I have been in the said jail. I was in there with my first wife when they had the public tours. I will show him the “email” (see below) that’s making the rounds just to find out what his reaction might be. Then if he fails to see the humor of it and gets his buddy Superintendent  DeJager to lock me up,  will you come bail me out, or Maybe start a Go Fund Me for my first wife?

Here’s the email that’s making the rounds:

“I talked to a homeless man and asked him how he ended up this way?

He said ‘Hey, up until last week I still had it all. I had plenty to eat, my clothes were washed and pressed, I had a roof over my head, I had HDTV and the internet and I went to the gym, the pool and the library.

I was working on my MBA online, I had no bills no debt, I even had full medical coverage!’

I felt sorry for him so I asked ‘What happened? Drugs, alcohol, divorce?’

‘Hell no,’ he said. ‘Nothing like that. I was paroled, dammit!’”

Don Smithyman, Oliver