LETTER: No pathway for criminals

LETTER: No pathway for criminals

Town council plans to improve lighting on Spartan Street. (File photo)

Please say it isn’t so

July 8, 2018 the Oliver Chronicle reports:

“Despite a budget deficit, the Town of Oliver is forging ahead with phase 2 of the Spartan Street sidewalk extension project.

Last week council awarded the contract to the only bidder – Mike Johnson Excavating Ltd. for $218,610. But there’s an estimated shortfall of $31,000, which the Town will cover using general reserves.”

The mayor also stated that he would “hate to scrimp” on this project.

This sidewalk will pass right in front of two extremely well known crime houses, one of which by my count has had in excess of 25 RCMP visits in the last 45 days. Vehicles have been hauled away by the police, arrests and charges have evidently been laid. And we are going to pay for paved pathways for the criminals to access our school children which is right down the street.

$51,000 spent on rebranding when our papers and the regional and national news are full of crime stories about the South Okanagan.

An extra nine per cent property tax to help pay for additional RCMP charges.

When asked recently by a local politician about the status of an increased RCMP presence which evidently has been promised by the province, our Mayor Ron Hovanes stated that he did not know. How does he not know; the safety of our community should be his number one priority. This I heard myself by said politician.

Ron Hovanes, Linda Larson and Council are we going to get a funded plan for the reduction of the crime issues in this and the surrounding community? If not now, then when?

It appears that our political leaders can find the funds for every little project that they think will provide a photo-op for themselves; but to spend the time to work out the issues to solve the biggest and most pressing problem in this community, evidently is asking to much.

Michael Guthrie, Oliver


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