LETTER: New smoking bylaw won’t be enforced

LETTER: New smoking bylaw won’t be enforced

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I agree with Kathy Kline with respect to her response to the Chronicle article on April 25th concerning the new smoking bylaw.

It just seems like we are trying to regulate everything. I am not even certain of the motive; politicians are always saying one thing when there really exists some sort of hidden agenda.

I walk the community park daily. In the last year I have not seen a single cigarette butt or chunk of dog feces or an aggressive animal in that entire time.

I am sure it happens, I just haven’t seen it myself. What I have seen is very vigilant citizens who are picking up after themselves and others, and doing so on a regular basis.

Another thing that I have seen is the exact opposite attitude up at the high school, particularly about midway up on Spartan Street (west side of school by Venables Theatre).

The school children are allowed to smoke in that location, and they do so several times throughout the course of the day. I say allowed because up until very recently there was a butt can at that location, evidently to try and keep the “kiddies” from messing up the place too badly.

Presently, there are thousands of cigarette butts on the ground along with an enormous amount of lunch type garbage and drink containers. I have witnessed the maintenance staff from the school picking up after the kiddies, normally on Fridays.

Can we somehow suggest that this is a constructive way to spend our school’s labour dollars?

By the way, the garbage and cigarette trash extends all the way down to the community park, and yes, I have seen city staff picking that up too. I have picked it up out of my own yard, the street and the sidewalks; fortunately I come free.

Lion’s Park is a mess now too and will in all likelihood remain that way until late summer; trash, dog feces and smoking materials.

Do we really need another bylaw that cannot or will not be enforced when it appears we can’t or won’t create an atmosphere in our educational system that imbues good decent community values in all our children?

Start at the bottom, with the children and use your efforts to implement useless bylaws in other more productive areas. Like supervision for a work crew each week for those students caught littering or smoking the previous week. 

That methodology certainly worked when I was a kid.

Michael Guthrie, Oliver


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