Letter: New Area C director says thank you

Letter: New Area C director says thank you

Area C candidate (and new director) Rick Knodel watches the election results with water councillor Rick Machial (in front of him). Machial was re-elected for another term. Behind Knodel is former Area C director Terry Schafer (in light blue shirt). At far right is acclaimed school trustee Rob Zandee. (Lyonel Doherty photo)

I would like to thank the residents of Area C for giving me the opportunity to represent you.

The stress of the month of campaigning is over and now the hard work starts.

The primary concerns that I heard were for public safety and protection and the provision for economic stability in our farming industry.

Our area is at risk form increasing criminal activity, uncompleted flood mitigation projects and a lack of a full interface fire protection program.

The main economic engine for Area C is agriculture. Local farming has been under duress from a litany of regulatory and cost increases. While these increases are individually small in totality they become a burden that is forcing small farms to amalgamate. This will eventually cause a reduction in the number of families supported by the area and lessen the diversity of crops grown here.

I see an opportunity for renewed co-operation between Area C and the Town of Oliver. Working together we will have the chance to chart a new path into the future.

Thank you,

Rick Knodel