Letter: My eyes are open

Letter: My eyes are open


Fifteen years ago my life was a mess. But I decided I was going to go with the flow and keep my eyes open.

I went back to school and became an emergency responder and my work led me to travel places.

I wasn’t sure where I was going. Every town I went through I was checking it out trying to see if this was where I belonged.

While living in Valemount for a short period, I decided to apply for a more stable line of work. I was offered a job with BC Ambulance and on the very same day I was offered a job at the Oliver Chronicle.

The BC Ambulance was much more money but I had this overwhelming urge to take the job at the Chronicle.

I moved to Oliver and after a year or so, I felt very lonely and considered moving back to Valemount where one of my daughters was living. I couldn’t figure out why I had the strong urge to move here in the first place.

Just when I was going to put in my notice to my landlord Brad, he asked me out on a date. Well, there it was . . . this must be the reason. I fell deeply in love with him and we became best friends and soul mates.

Eventually, after seven years together we decided to get married. That was just after we heard the bad news that he had brain cancer. 

I’ll be honest; I did not want to face this tragedy. This wasn’t what we planned. What about retiring and buying that sailboat? 

I wanted to run away.  After reality set in I thought I was blessed to be the one chosen to help him to his next journey.

What if we had not met? What would have happened to him? Perhaps that was why I was destined to move here.

It’s been a tough year. Any money we had saved has been spent and our journey wasn’t over.

It was obvious to a few friends what was happening and one special person (a friend and co-worker) asked me is she could help.

Nope, I’m okay, until I had to send Brad to hospice. After a breakdown, she caught me in a moment and asked if it was okay to put on a fundraiser, and then it happened.

Friends, family and community came together and changed my life forever. All of a sudden everything was crystal clear. The trees looked greener, the sky looked bluer. I was looking at everyone that crossed my path.

I wonder if they are hurting, I wonder if they need help. Then it dawned on me. Remember, I told you I was going to go with the flow and keep my eyes open. Well, honestly, they weren’t opened until now.

I know now why I moved here to this wonderful community. I love this place with all my heart and everyone that lives here.

Thank you Oliver and Osoyoos, thank you everyone. My heart is melting. I promise, I will pay it forward some day. When the right moment comes . . . because now my eyes are open.

Kelly Hall