Letter: Municipal force idea should be explored

Letter: Municipal force idea should be explored

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What an interesting development on the crime and policing front.

Abandon our local police detachments and centralize all policing for the area out of Penticton.

This would be done with typical federal Government consultation with the locals before being implemented. I think we have heard that before and that of course is working so well for the locals affected.

Our local constabulary might have a chance of protecting the area if they were given just the slightest bit of intelligent common sense support from their own administration.

So where are we left now?

This should now put some urgency to the proposal of a regional municipal police force. This was I believe originally suggested by MLA Linda Larson when Osoyoos topped 5000 population.

Ideally this area would include Areas ā€œAā€, ā€œCā€, the Osoyoos Indian band, the towns of Oliver, Osoyoos and possibly O.K. Falls. This would create a tax base of somewhere in excess of 20,000.

One other point is the 30 per cent now paid by the Province should still be paid toward a municipal force as the inability of RCMP administration to adequately service these areas was put in place by the eagerness of a Provincial government to sign off prior to an election, if memory serves correctly.

The liberty and livelihood for all of us is now deteriorating and we flirt with tragedy every day we do not act to rectify or at least stabilize this situation.

This proposal needs to be seriously explored and should become a major election issue in all the towns and areas listed.

Rick Knodel, Willowbrook