Letter: More fanmail from prison

Letter: More fanmail from prison

Okanagan Correctional Centre

Dear people of Oliver and surrounding areas:

My name is Jeremy Royer and I am at the fine jail of the Oliver Correctional Facility. This is one of the best jails I have ever been in. Currently I am in the Right Living Community (RLC) unit, which just opened on Jan. 2. And for the first time in jail it feels more like a correctional centre than just a housing centre. Here at the RLC we are being givne a second chance at a new beginning

On Jan 2., the new unit called Right Living Community. Many inmates requested a spot at the RLC and only seven lucky inmates got accepted.

We come from all different backgrounds. Our first task as a team was to come up with a philosophy statement. In the morning and before bed we repeat it as a unit.

Here at RLC we will step out of our comfort zone in order to change. Grow strong and powerful and never forget the things we learned along the way. Put forth our best thoughts, words and actions.

Our next stepping stone in life starts with each other. Remember that our past doesn’t have to dominate our future.

We won’t let the things we can’t do stop us from doing the things we can. We are certain one day we will be our rightful selves.

Inmates in the RLC were hand-picked by officers of the OCC. Of being one of those chosen I feel very proud of myself. I think this unit could be a positive tool for the community of Oliver.

In the future these inmates may be used in the community (with proper supervision of course), which could benefit the town with things such as filling sandbag, shoveling snow in the winter, firefighting in the summer. This is a great program for the community, while at the same time helping us get our self-confidence back.

I believe in second chances and here at RLC in the OCC I have been given one. Thank you for listening and hope for a greater future.

Jeremy Royer