LETTER: Microwave radiation hazardous to us

LETTER: Microwave radiation hazardous to us

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Out of concern for the public’s health and safety, U.S. physicians created a website for safe technology in December 2017, which states, in part: “We are physicians and professionals whose mission is to provide trusted leadership in promoting healthy environments through the safer use of technology.”

It is only a matter of time until B.C. physicians do so as well. Incomprehensibly, the previous BC Liberal government allowed Telus to install in cancer clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, doctor’s offices, etc., entire suites of microwave radiation-spewing wireless technology, e.g., Wi-Fi routers, cell phones, cordless phones, Bluetooth headsets, tablet and laptop computers, ‘smart’ meters, etc. This travesty is possible only because:

A) mainstream news media chooses to remain largely silent on this whole despicable issue, as it has for the past 50-plus years.

B) Health Canada, over the same 50-plus years, has allowed itself to be ‘captured’ by the wireless telecommunications companies.

All of today’s wireless products/gadgets – even baby monitors and ‘smart’ meters – emit low-level, pulsed ‘non-thermal’ electromagnetic radiation (EMR), which scientists, globally, have known for decades is hazardous to humans and other life forms.

Health Canada refuses to recognize that there is a condition known globally as electro-hypersensitivity or “EHS” which is recognized in many countries of the world.

EMR exposure is regulated in Health Canada’s Safety Code 6 (SC6). SC6 is a lie and a deliberate attempt to deceive the public. SC6 recognizes ONLY the thermal effects of EMR. This enables industry to “flood” the market, as it continues to do, with extremely profitable but hazardous wireless devices/products – which emit unnatural, pulsed non-thermal microwave radiation.

B.C.’s provincial health officer and members of BC Centre for Disease Control appear to lack the requisite academic credentials and expertise needed to stand up to and reject anything on Health Canada’s EMR position and guideline. Knowing this, the following is absolutely frightening to those who understand what this portends.

In 2011, B.C.’s provincial government signed a 10-year, $100-million/year contract with TELUS for the latter to upgrade B.C.’s telecommunications (hard-wired and wireless), specifically identifying all six regional health authorities. In view of the above points, this has enabled TELUS to install wireless technology as and where it wants. Pulsed microwave emitting wireless technology in cancer clinics? How downright cruel and heartless is this?

Hans Karow, Penticton


  1. Although it is certainly cruel and heartless, those two words are not something a wireless industry controlled government or even cancer facility benefiting in any way financially from allowing their buildings to be rented out by wireless companies understands. However financial LOSS and JAIL TIME IS something these people would understand. Do Canadians not have a right to life written into their laws? What about the false advertising of claiming to help people with cancer when in fact they are deliberately exposing them to even more carcinogenic radiation with the end result being they are able to further line their pockets with expensive treatments? I think it’s time to take ACTION on these crimes and call them what they are – unjust enrichment, gross negligence and a slew of other criminal legal violations which I myself am not educated enough in criminal law to name.

  2. Hans and Liz are badly misinformed regarding the potential adverse health effects of exposure to radio-frequency radiation from consumer wireless devices – such as cellphones, Wi-Fi, smart meters, etc.

    In 2015, Health Canada updated Safety Code 6 to take into account recent scientific data from studies carried out worldwide in the establishment of acceptable limits, departmental scientists considered all peer-reviewed scientific studies and employed a weight-of-evidence approach when evaluating possible health risks of exposure to RF energy. This approach takes into account the quantity of studies on a particular endpoint (whether adverse or no effect), and more importantly, the quality of those studies. Poorly conducted studies (e.g. those with inadequate control samples) receive relatively little weight, while properly conducted studies (e.g. all controls included, appropriate statistics) receive more weight. While some studies have reported biological effects below Canadian and international safety limits, the range of scientific evidence does not support a link between RF, EMF, and health effects.

    The limits recommended for exposure to RF energy are designed to provide protection for all age groups, including infants and children, on a continuous basis. Based on a thorough review of all available data, it is Health Canada’s position that the health of all Canadians is protected from RF energy when the human exposure limits recommended by Safety Code 6 are respected. Departmental scientists considered all available peer-reviewed scientific studies, including studies pertaining to both thermal and non-thermal health and/or biological effects. Safety Code 6 has always established and maintained a human exposure limit that is far below the threshold for potential adverse health effects.



  3. Thank God for a little common sense Tom. It is amazing how emotional the uninformed and or uneducated can pump out run-on Hyperbole.

    Michael Guthrie