Letter: Love the new carts

Letter: Love the new carts

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I would like to extend my thanks to Town council for the provision of these wonderful new garbage carts.

Whether or not it elevates my disposal costs or not, this has been a big bonus to me, unexpectedly.

I’m not a big buyer of pre-packaged food items, so my disposal needs are considerably less than others in town. Ditto for recycling items.

The unexpected benefit comes from only having to put those plastic tubs out every six weeks or so. So instead of trundling out garbage on Wednesday nights, I can relax, knowing that the sound of the pickup vehicle does not mean I’ve missed pickup. And someone’s dog doesn’t tear things apart looking for short-rib bones.

At first I wasn’t much of a fan, finding space, running that critter out, and so on. But after finding that in fall/spring I’m in no rush.

I know weeks ahead when it has to be rolled to the curb. And if you really don’t like them, fill them with soil, cut some holes in the sides and grow strawberries in them. Maybe some petunias on the top.

Dave Drought, OliverĀ 


  1. Good show Town Of Oliver. At first I thought maybe we were fixing a problem that did not exist. However, after experiencing the change I agree that this was a needed city service. Mike