Letter: Kudos to Ron, Terry, Maureen and Andre

Letter: Kudos to Ron, Terry, Maureen and Andre


Recently our newly elected local government officials were sworn into office.

I wish each one of them much wisdom and forbearance during the next four years. 

These days, it seems easier for those of us looking on to find fault and second guess decisions loudly rather than take the time to research, to check facts and offer constructive comment.

May the electorate learn how to do the latter better during this coming term.

Bouquets are better than bricks and bats, and our leadership have a difficult enough job already as they take on several existing and major challenges.

I extend my appreciation to those candidates who were not successful at the polls. Your very presence provided choice and enlivened debate and I, for one, hope you offer your services another time.

Finally, I extend my sincerest thanks to those elected officials who are no longer at the decision making table – Mayor Hovanes, Councillor Doerr, director Schafer and water councillor Miller.

I may not have always agreed with their position on an issue but I respected their decision-making process.

Their  combined years of service working diligently on behalf of greater Oliver is more than impressive, it is the reason we live in a pretty good community. We are in their debt.

We also owe more than a simple nod to their families, all of whom will have seen family life shunted to one side in order to meet community obligations. 

The simple words “thank you” never seem enough on occasions like this, but my gratitude is sincerely extended and sincerely meant and I am certain shared by many.

To Ron, Maureen, Terry and Andre, thank  you!

Sue Morhun