Letter: Inmate writes rave review of prison

Letter: Inmate writes rave review of prison

The Okanagan Correcitonal Centre

To whom it may concern:

I read a letter sent from here – the Oliver Correctional Centre – that myself and a few other inmates find to be untrue. The sender of said letter is a self-admitted thief, and as a joke he sent in a poor-me, whining later that most of us here do not agree with. 

In his letter of woe he said that everything here “sucks.” Obviously written by a very learned individual. 

Fact is, as far as institutions go, OCC is one of the best. The food is second to none, the guards (although new) actually seem to care, and except for a few of the more jaded ones, they even try and help whenever possible. Healthcare is for the most part on top of things, and our units are all in working order. 

I myself have done time in both federal and provincial centres and I find this one to be above average. I think what Sam was upset about was his inability to work with others and he seems to have forgotten that if he can’t do the time he shouldn’t have done the crime! LOL

I am in no way sugar-coating my letter and although I’ve been in on different convictions over the years, this one is only a minute, for driving … oops got caught. 

But other than boredom, I myself find nothing that “sucks” that badly inside these walls.

Honestly yours,

Mike Harfman