LETTER: Inmate says a lot of things ‘suck’ in prison

LETTER: Inmate says a lot of things ‘suck’ in prison

A small fire in a living unit at Okanagan Correctional Centre early this morning was extinguished quickly without injury or evacuation. (File photo)

I’m an inmate at Okanagan Correctional Centre.

The health care service here sucks. When I first came here I requested to see a doctor and I had to wait two months before I saw one. And last year it was the same thing; I again had to wait forever. I waited over two months last year and I got released before I got to see a doctor and got out of here with staph infection.

Like, wow, that was great. They don’t know what they are doing and don’t know how to run this place.

The guards are on a power trip, and again, they don’t know what they are doing.

In here there is nothing to do, I mean, other than watching TV.

The gym sucks. The yard sucks. We don’t have a library, and if my wife and kids want to come visit me, it’s only by video visit, which sucks.

And for dental care they only pull teeth out; they don’t fix them. And again it takes over two months of waiting and filling up requests before you get to see a dentist.

Samuel-Luc Prescott Perrault, Oliver


  1. You are lucky your crime has not been punished more harshly. You are a criminal and do not deserve anything .

  2. I think there is a message here: If you don’t like the situation don’t do the crime! Law-abiding citizens have trouble getting a doctor in a timely fashion.
    When you get out promise and fulfill the promise of not going back to jail again. Hug your wife and children and be nice to them.
    You are responsible for your happiness not the corrections system. I wish you a good future.

  3. Aw gee………. I really feel for you Mr. Inmate……. That is not a hotel of luxury. If you don’t like the “service” Then don’t stay there….. Get your sorry ass out in the real world, get a job and make something of yourself instead of expecting a free handout every time you turn around, and end up back in the slammer….. Obviously by your own admission, this is not the first time you have been incarcerated. You are obviously a habitual criminal……….. Only YOU can change that if YOU want to. Your sorry ass doesn’t get any sympathy from me. Quit your whining and make something of yourself.

  4. Those are all priviledges one gets…your in prison for a reason…why should you get everyday luxuries like the rest of society when YOU ARE IN JAIL!?!?! GEEZ

  5. Really? You had to wait for health care? They only provide extractions? You broke the law and feel you are entitled to better services than us honest, hardworking citizens? Wow. Some of us cannot even AFFORD EXTRACTIONS, and we have jobs. You want a real life interaction with your family-stay the HECK out of jail!! You can hug, kiss, fornicate with your wife all you want if you are at home! I have ZERO sympathy for you. There are countries that the families have to PAY for your food-or you don’t eat while incarcerated, no visits of any kind. You got a warm place to stay, you eat BETTER than Oliver’s official count of 39 HOMELESS people(who knows how many un-official homeless) and you do receive health care. And YOU ARE A CRIMINAL,!

  6. This is hilarious….entitled much? Put this whiner on hard labor, sounds like he needs something to do besides watch tv and complain

  7. Oliver Chronicle… Why would publish this letter? Is man is trying to elicit sympathy for his “hard life”? Are you trying to help him call attention to the “unimaginable and unreasonable conditions” of the new state of the art prison? The same prison where this gentleman and 400+ others get 3 square meals a day. Has access to a commissary. Has access to medical and dental services. Where he probably has a cell to himself with a tv in the cell for him to watch whatever he wants. Where he has access to programs that can help him with adjusting to life when he gets out of prison and to help him not re-offend.

    Mr. Prescott-Perrault has a lengthy criminal history. https://infotel.ca/newsitem/man-with-history-of-curfew-breaches-kept-on-short-leash/it29610

    I think giving him this platform in order to whine to deaf ears is doing him and your paper/publication a disservice. Surely, there is someone out there without “1st World inmate problems” that has a better letter to the editor to publish.

  8. well i have a bit of inside knowledge. There are plenty of services available to the inmates at occ. And they eat very well also. If he was looking for something to do, i am sure he could get on with teh sandbaggers that have been working outside filling sandbags to assist in the flood effort. I give those men props for all the hard work they have been putting in filling bags every day.

  9. This is a disgusting article to read. Perhaps the seniors that cannot afford tv, 3 square meals a day, medical or dental should visit the correctional centre/hotel for free services. Honest, upstanding citizens have less rights than a notorious criminal. What is wrong with this scenario? It must have been a slow day for editorials for this article to be published.