LETTER: Homeowner sends out invites to crime forum

LETTER: Homeowner sends out invites to crime forum

Michael Guthrie and Shirley Zelinski presented council with a 400-name petition on Monday calling for the use of closed-circuit TV cameras in strategic locations where crime is predominant. (Lyonel Doherty photo)

We hope that you are able to attend our community crime forum which will be held at the Oliver Community Centre on August 28 beginning at 6:30 p.m.

There has been much interest and concern from residents and we expect a large turnout. Media has also been invited.

This is not an event that I intend on letting get out of hand nor will it be a blame game. We are looking for solutions and ways to be helpful to this community with the RCMP. If any of you wish to speak, just let me know and I will provide ample time for you to do so.

I have also developed a poster announcing this event which I would like to display in a number of public places.  We will be posting in many of the local businesses, local and regional news outlets and thanks to my wife,  a number of us will be going door to door to present the flyer. There will be approximately three thousand flyers delivered in this manner.

If you have any suggestions about the content of this meeting and or whom else should be notified, please let me know.

We are asking for a commitment by action from residents and all levels of government.

There will be two petitions for signing: obtaining the two extra RCMP positions we were promised when the Okanagan Correctional Centre was proposed, as our RCMP are often called there; and video cameras in high crime areas including the streets around the secondary school in Oliver.

In the meantime, please report any suspicious activity to the police. They need community support to track criminal activity and solve crimes. Lock your doors on your home and vehicles.

Invited speakers at the forum include our federal MP Richard Cannings, our provincial MLA Linda Larson; mayors and councillors of Oliver and Osoyoos; First Nations representatives; property representatives; RCMP representative; and local/regional media.

If you cannot attend the meeting and want to sign the petitions, or for further information, call Michael at 1-587-988-7337.

Michael Guthrie, Oliver